What is the use of the 4g car gps tracker's disassembly alarm function?

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The 4g car gps tracker is often installed in a hidden location, so that no one can discover its location and remove it. In order to meet the needs of avoiding the disassembly of 4g car gps tracker in the car, many 4g car gps tracker manufacturers have made anti-disassembly locator, that is, disassembly alarm, if the device is dismantled without authorization, it will cause the device alarm.

Why is my disassembly alarm not responding?

If you're sure your 4g car gps tracker has a disassembly alarm, check to see if the device function is not turned on. If this feature is not turned on, the locator, even if it is violently removed, will not trigger a single alarm.

How do I enable this feature?

Generally, to enable this function, you need to enable this function on the mobile phone or computer service platform. Only when the device disassembly alarm function shows "On", the device will automatically generate protection.

Not only this function, but also other protective functions of the device. If the function is not turned on, naturally there will be no response, let alone receive alarm information.

4g car gps tracker https://www.eelinktracker.com/4G-GPS-Tracker/


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