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How to Make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Money makes the world go round, and Eorzea is no exception. Gil is the primary currency in Final Fantasy XIV and can be earned through quests, guildleves, dungeons, duty roulettes and selling items to NPCs or through the Market Board.

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Gil is the in-game currency in FFXIV and there are various methods of earning it. Questing can yield large rewards in Gil, while other methods include dungeons, leves and duties.

Players in Final Fantasy XIV can spend their Gil on various items, such as glamours - which add some eye candy to your character and can also be shared across jobs - and mounts. Glamours provide a quick way to customize the looks of characters for every job in which you participate, making this investment worthwhile for players looking to make their characters look their best! Another option available to them is purchasing mounts.

Retainer Ventures

Retainer Ventures are one of the most effective ways of earning Gil in buy ffxiv gil. Your retainer must quickly acquire specific items for you within an allotted amount of time, generating Gil in return. Their items depend on both their class and level of gear.

To send your retainer on an adventure, interact with a Summoning Bell found in major cities, housing wards and certain endgame hubs. After you do this, a list of your available retainers will appear for selection.

Pay for any retainer adventure using "Ventures," which can be obtained from Grand Company vendors or earned through levequests and Beastmen tribe quests. Quick Exploration ventures typically earn more experience points than 18-hour exploration adventures, so pay your retainer accordingly!




Treasure Map Parties

FFXIV features numerous systems designed to reward players with items and rewards that give an edge over opponents. Some are hidden, while others can be unlocked with minimal effort for great gil rewards. Treasure Map Parties is one such system which offers access to dungeon-based Treasure Maps that could provide excellent loot.

Endwalker, the latest update for Treasure Maps, introduced Timeworn Saigaskin and Kumbhiraskin maps that require teams of four players to tackle them together and which spawn enemies that must be defeated within a limited amount of time in order to open it and claim rewards.

These rewards include random mob drops, crafting materials, Gil and Allagan Tomestones that can be divided among party members; rare rewards such as minions may require rolling for distribution.


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